Surf courses

We invite you to feel good. To feel that amazing sensation of being on a board gliding down a wave, feeling the natural energy of the ocean. This energy will recharge your batteries and the salt-water will dissolve all your stress. You will feel rejuvenated after your surf therapy.

Beginners Surf 38€

We will teach you the basic theory of surfing and you will learn how to stand up, the right stance for surfing and much more about: waves, currents, surf, etc..

  • Duration: how many days as you like
  • what included?

Beginner/Intermediate Surf 36€

For those who already know how to stand up on surfboard and want to learn to surf the wave face and the first basical maneuvers.

  • Duration: how many days as you like
  • what included?

Private courses 160€

Private surf courses are the fastest way to learn how to surf and to make out the best results, exploing at the most your times of surf lesson.

  • Duration: how many days as you like
  • what included?

Intermediate/Advanced surf course Special Surf Therapy® 50€

It is dedicated to all of those intermediate or advanced surfers level who want to improve their surfing.

  • Duration: how many days as you like
  • what included?

Clinic Surf 80€

Clinic Surf is a complete coaching session dedicated to advanced level surfers and to experienced surfers who want to improve their surfing techniques or learn new maneuvers

Surf Camp January 2022

25 de Noviembre, 2021

Surf Camp Fueteventura January 290€ week

Surf Camp December 2021

26 de Octubre, 2021

Surf Camp Fuerteventura December 290€ week

Surf Camp November 2021

29 de Septiembre, 2021

Surf Camp Fuerteventura 290€ week

Surf Camp October 2021

19 de Agosto, 2021

Surf Camp Fuerteventura October 290€

Vídeo Surfcamp Fuerteventura

Surf school Fuerteventura

Surf Therapy is a surf school and surf camp located on the north shore of the island of Fuerteventura, the best location for surfing surrounded by lots of good spots. Our way of teaching surf came out from our passion for this sport and is aimed to who want a single experience of practicing surf during their holiday in Fuerteventura, and for all of those who want to learn surfing for real and improve their level. Our instructors not only accompany you to the best spot of the day, showing you the best part of our amazing and wavefully island, but they will help you to reach your goals, work on your skills and perfect your technique.

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